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12 Hints for improving communication

This resource has potential applicability to communicating with quite a wide range of service users and carers.

Alison Minshall, who recommended it, said,

'I have also found that it can be useful to use this aid along with the VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic) model, to look at ways of improving communication where a service user has difficulty with the usual spoken model of assessment and engagement. How many times in social work are we guilty of just asking another question when the service user doesn't respond immediately?'

Good Morning Project Ltd and the North Dementia Forum

  • Author(s):
Nicky Thomson
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  • Tags:
Communication, Dementia
  • Specific Service User Group/s:
Older People
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PDF document 12 Hints for Communicating.pdf

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Alison Minshall
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